Excerpt VAERS_ID 767411: MTHFR gene mutation

Exploratory data analysis. Excerpt from the VAERS database.

VAERS_ID: 767411
AGE_YRS: 0.17


The moment she received her shots it was instant screaming. Not the kind of screaming where they are upset or hurting, this was a tone I have never heard before.

Going home, that night she was not herself, she was so out of it, looked dazed in her eyes and was so lethargic. Within the next week she started having these screaming “fits”, at the time we didn’t know what was happening.

She would scream hysterically at the top of her lungs over and over again.

Looking back this was the start of her seizures. She was only around 2.5 to 3 months and it was devastating.

She had multiple seizures and we had taken her to her Drs and it was dismissed until we took her to a walk in clinic and the Dr we saw said it sounded like a seizure.

He referred us to a neurologist around 5 months I believe. Well before we got in there she had a very long one, lasting about 10 minutes. It started with the screaming and then the head jerking followed with the blank stare like she was looking straight through you. Nothing would calm her.

Following the episode she would finally come down from it and be so limp and exhausted. We took her in after that one and we were admitted to Hospital. They ran tests and did an EEG which showed abnormal brain activity. They followed that with an MRI, that didn’t show anything.

They released us with no answer to why. But we know why, the vaccines damaged our baby.

Following this incident we still had to deal with seizures, I pushed for genetic testing and had our Dr do it and we found out she has an MTHFR gene mutation. Now to this day she still has seizures but not as many.

She has recently been diagnosed with a Sensory processing disorder now too. She also at the age of 2 suffers sensitivity to certain foods, skin sensitivity as well.

EEG: abnormal; MRI: nothing found; MTHFR testing: Positive for A1298c

Find with:


select  *
from dbo.[2018VAERSDATA]
where VAERS_ID = 767411;

Or, open the CSV file, 2018vaersdata.csv, into a spreadsheet, and search for the VAERS_ID

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