Excerpt VAERS_ID 739554: Heterozygous C677t Gene Mutation

Exploratory data analysis. Excerpt from the VAERS database.

VAERS_ID: 739554
AGE_YRS: 0.75


On 10/27/17, my daughter was suddenly screaming at a high pitch for hours at a time.

She was not even upset necessarily when she was screaming. For example, she would be sitting down calmly playing and suddenly the screaming would start again out of nowhere. She was persistently crying for hours and could not be consoled.

She was arching her back while lying down. She suddenly had great difficulty sleeping when she had never had trouble before with this.

In fact, she always got up around the same time every day and went to bed around the same time every day with no problems and was sleeping through the night; she had been doing this for several months prior to her immunizations on 10/13/2017.

Now she was very restless, tossing and turning, crying, and waking up many times a night. It is like I suddenly had a different child.

She was now throwing tantrums several times daily for just about anything, even small things. She no longer made eye contact or smiled.

She could no longer crawl or move around as before. She could no longer sit without support and started involuntarily falling backwards while sitting on the floor.

She lost the ability to say words she had already been speaking for some time. She was previously a rather easy-going child and became very irritable and fussy and aggressive.

She developed a rash that would not heal. She began rocking back and forth a lot, head banging and flapping her arms, and developed involuntary twitches/jerks of her body in her arms and shoulders, all of which appeared to be signs of neurological damage from the vaccines.

Patient has been seeing a specialist and undergoing a detoxification from all the vaccines for about three months now. She also sees a chiropractor regularly. She continues to take regular daily supplements which help correct her mutation and assist her in digesting foods, processing medications, and clearing toxins and chemicals from her body. She is slowly coming back to us. It is quite an uphill battle.

Having a MTHFR gene mutation is clearly a contraindication for receiving vaccines. Approximately fifty percent of the population has at least one of the mutations (many of whom are not even aware they have it) and continue to receive vaccines. This appears to be an issue that could potentially create a true public health crisis one day.


I originally brought my daughter into the emergency room late in the evening on 10/27/2017, as she was experiencing acute adverse reactions consistent with encephalitis following her most recent vaccinations. My concerns were minimized by the doctors, and they refused to order any blood work or scans to further evaluate my daughter’s condition.

I made several phone calls to her primary doctor’s office between 10/30/2017 and 11/10/2017 regarding my concerns and asking for them to order blood work, including heavy metals testing and testing for the MTHFR gene mutation.

Patient even went in for another appointment on 10/31/2017 with her primary doctor. Each time my concerns were minimized, and I was told by her doctor on 11/10/2017 that he would order the CBC and a lead test but no other testing for metal toxicity as well as informing me that she would have to go see a genetic counselor and they could determine whether to order the MTHFR testing.

I then called and made an appointment at clinic for my daughter. She had been seen there when she was younger, and I was a patient there for my entire pregnancy with her. I could not get her an appointment with the doctor until 11/16/2017, which is when ALL of the tests were finally ordered.

They were unable to get blood from my daughter that day, as her veins rolled so we were referred to Hospital for the blood draw. Patient’s blood was finally successfully drawn on 11/17/2017.

Patient was positive for MTHFR gene mutation, specifically heterozygous C677t. This is important, as there is a known connection between one having this mutation and an increased likelihood of adverse reactions to vaccines due to an inability to remove toxins from the body.

Although all of her other results were considered normal, I truly believe that had the blood work been done when I brought her into the emergency room (at 14 days post vaccination) or even shortly thereafter by her now former primary doctor, instead of a whole 5 weeks post vaccination (and 3 weeks post onset of adverse reactions), that her aluminum levels would have been higher and in the abnormal range, therefore demonstrating aluminum toxicity.

As it was, her levels of aluminum five weeks out were still at the higher end at 5 ng (with the cutoff range being 6 ng).

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select *
from dbo.[2018VAERSDATA]
where VAERS_ID = 739554;

Or, open the CSV file, 2018vaersdata.csv, into a spreadsheet, and search for the VAERS_ID.

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