Excerpt VAERS_ID 732231: Disabled with Shingles

Exploratory data analysis. Excerpt from the VAERS database.

vaers_id: 732231
age_yrs: 38
sex: F
L_threat: Y
ER_ED_visit: Y
disable: Y

As a condition of my employment every new employee is required to get a Influenza shot before they can start work.

Well. I this is what I thought I got until I was diagnosed with Shingles in the ear in Dec. 2017.

Up to this point, about two weeks to 30 days I got a rash on my stomach. I thought maybe it was something I was allergic to so I just bought antifungal cream from the store.

The second rash about maybe two a month later showed up on my chest below my collar bone but above my chest. This lasted a while and then the third rash sometime in Sept. 2017 on the back of my neck around my hair line.

When I look at my chart it shows that I had a varicella zoster vaccination instead of a influenza vaccination.

So now it is all adding up. Just looking back on the symptoms; rashes, dizzy spells, headaches, and muscle aches I can conclude that I’ve had Shingles for some time now. It just progressed until it ended.

The second vaccination I got in Nov. I’m not sure if that was the wrong vaccination or not. I have requested my records. Well, due to having Shingles, the pain and inflammation my nerves on my right side of my face are paralyzed.

I believe I am sick because I was administered the wrong vaccination., I was not scheduled to have a varicella zoster shot it was supposed to be the influenza shot.

Considering I’ve never had chicken pox before this shot should not have been administered without my consent. I was told I was getting an influenza. Now I’m not feeling well and my face on one side does not work because I was given the wrong vaccination in error.

I have had a number of test done to rule out other causes. So far my test results from my lab work have come back negative. So I don’t think its a coincidence that I had a varicella zoster vaccination now I have Shingles.

Went for Influenza vaccination.
Instead, got varicella zoster vaccination (for shingles)
Now, diagnosed with Shingles

Find with:


, age_yrs
, sex
, L_threat
, ER_ED_visit
, disable
, Symptom_text
, Lab_data
from dbo.[2018VAERSDATA]
where VAERS_ID = 732231;

Or, open the CSV file, 2018vaersdata.csv, into a spreadsheet, and search for the VAERS_ID

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