All Vaccines All Symptoms Ranked – Disabled Only

Exploratory Data Analysis

For DISABLEd only
Downloadable CSV file of All Vaccines and All Symptoms.
Ranked by VAX, Symptoms descending

Made available for any researchers, who might like to compare any other studies or documentation to the VAERS field data.  

First see:

This is the much the same query as:

Top Ten Symptoms By Vaccine – Disabled Only
The difference being, that the result set has no Where clause to filter with.

And, much the same as:
All Vaccines All Symptoms Ranked
The difference being, the addition of the filter for DISABLEd

Please see these posts first.


There are multiple terms that might be grouped into one term.

Autism, Autism spectrum disorder

Crying, Screaming

Allergy to metals, Multiple allergies, Encephalopathy allergic, Food allergy, etc

Sleep disorder, Poor quality sleep, Sleep phase rhythm disturbance, Sleep apnoea syndrome, etc

Pain, Abdominal pain upper, Pain in extremity, Chest pain, etc

Download CSV File:

The CSV file is available here.

Zipped File is:
367 Kb in size
40,931 rows, comprised of
88 unique VAX codes
5292 unique spellings of symptoms


Download the zip file.

Unzip the file.

Load the resulting CSV file into a spreadsheet.

Analyze the data.

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