Disabled by Age Group – Weighted

Exploratory Data Analysis

Disabled by Age Group,
Weighted by the number of Reactions in each Group

The results of Disabled By Age Group show 27% Disabled for those less than 10 years old. But only 0.16% for those over age 91.

Over time, people die, and so there are more children than those over age 91.

What are the results for Disabled By Age Group, if they are weighted by the number of reactions?


First see:

Disabled By Age Group

Reactions By Age Group

The results are copied into a spreadsheet for calculations.

0 to 104,034228,9301.76
11 to 202,66687,5803.04
21 to 301,34548,5072.77
31 to 401,47245,4733.24
41 to 501,51643,2733.50
51 to 601,39552,9432.63
61 to 701,39067,2462.07
71 to 8076436,8512.07
81 to 9022711,3452.00
91 plus241,3021.84

Basic Statistics:

Standard Deviation0.63


In each Age Group, when the number of Disabled is compared to the number of Reactions, the percentage Disabled in each Age Group is consistent.

The mean and median are very similar, and the standard deviation is about 1/4 of the mean.

In any age group, the percent disabled will range from just under 2% to 3.5%.



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