Excerpt VAERS_ID 785950: Immune-mediated adverse reaction. GSK medically significant

Exploratory data analysis. Excerpt from the VAERS database.

VAERS_ID: 785950


This case was reported by a physician via market research programs and described the occurrence of immune-mediated adverse reaction in an adult patient who received Herpes zoster (Hz/su + AS01B) for prophylaxis.

On an unknown date, the patient received Hz/su + AS01B at an unknown dose. On an unknown date, unknown after receiving Hz/su + AS01B, the patient experienced immune-mediated adverse reaction (serious criteria death and GSK medically significant).

On an unknown date, the outcome of the immune-mediated adverse reaction was fatal.

The reported cause of death was immune-mediated adverse reaction.

The reporter considered the immune-mediated adverse reaction to be possibly related to Hz/su + AS01B. Additional details were provided as follows: This case was reported via interactive digital media. The age at vaccination was not reported. The age group was not reported but was selected as adult as per vaccine indication.

The physician posted, a closed doctors forum that it was funny to see this post here after I had 2 cases of death following SHINGRIX vaccination. Both were devastating. It was lucky that your patient only got the rash.

The physician was reported to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Cause of death did not seem infection related but more so of an exacerbated immunologic response to the vaccination.

The physician written them up as case report. The physician would advise against giving this vaccination to any the patients who were receiving immunotherapy for either oncologic or rheumatologic conditions.

The famous last words the heard from their documents were but they were not live virus. This case was 1 of the 10 cases, reported by same reporter.

Reported Cause(s) of Death: Immune-mediated adverse reaction.

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use VAERS_2018;

Select *
from dbo.[2018vaersdata]
where vaers_id = 785950;

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