Excerpt VAERS_ID 738193: Case in litigation, Patient contracted herpes zoster from vaccine

Exploratory data analysis. Excerpt from the VAERS database.

VAERS_ID: 738193


This initial spontaneous report was received from a lawyer regarding a case in litigation and refers to a female patient of unknown age. Medical history, concurrent conditions, and concomitant medications were not provided.

On or about 10-JAN-2008, the patient was inoculated with ZOSTAVAX (dose, route of administration, site of administration and lot # were not provided) which was administered by a physician as recommended for routine adult health maintenance and for the prevention of shingles.

The vaccine did not prevent shingles as intended, but rather caused the patient to contract a persistent strain of herpes zoster.

On or about 07-FEB-2016, the patient was treated by (unspecified healthcare professional) at the community medical center for a blistering vesicular outbreak, which was diagnosed as herpes zoster, or shingles.

As a direct and proximate result of these malfunctions, the patient suffered painful injuries and damages, and required extensive medical care and treatment.

As a further proximate result, the patient has suffered and will continue to suffer significant medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.

The outcome of the events was unknown. The lawyer felt the events were related to ZOSTAVAX. Additional information has been requested.

To find:


select  * 
from dbo.[2018VAERSDATA]
where VAERS_ID = 738193;

Or, open the CSV file, 2018vaersdata.csv, into a spreadsheet, and search for the VAERS_ID

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