Excerpt VAERS_ID 810799: Hep B vaccine, Incurable Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Exploratory data analysis. Excerpt from the VAERS database

vaers_id: 810799
age_yrs: 0.00
sex: F
ALLERGIES: None until after vaccination.


Baby had perfect Apgar scores and was resting peacefully from birth to time of immunization.

She was given her Hep B vaccine and we decided to try to rest.

Approximately 1 hour later, patient woke up, was beat red screaming arching her back and vomiting.

She has dealt with so much pain from reflux that we thought she was having seizures (EEG came back clear).

At 17 mos old now, we finally have a diagnosis of long-term, incurable Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

She cannot eat any foods whatsoever and doesn’t tolerate formula well.

She vomits into her mouth hundreds of times a day and swallows back down.

Find with:

use VAERS_2019;

Select vaers_id
, age_yrs
, sex
, symptom_text
from dbo.[2019vaersdata]
where vaers_id = 810799;

Or, open the file, 2019VAERSDATA.csv, into a spreadsheet and search for the VAERS_ID.

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